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The Situation

Heading 3

A mid-sized mobile platform company found themselves constantly reacting to market changes introduced by their competitors, failing to offer product delighters & disrupters that would keep and grow their customer base.

The Task

How to stop playing catchup and pivot to leading the market.

In order to quickly shift the rate of response to market trends, the organization invited all workers contributing to the product lifecycle to participate in PlumGig’s Team Accelerator.   


Cross-functional cohorts consisting of product marketing, development, and sales workers began working together to identify market opportunities, remove organizational barriers, and run safe-to-try experiments that could disrupt the market entirely.

By including workers in the early stages of market exploration, bosses realized their workers held valuable market knowledge that had been previously underutilized.  Seeing this, PlumGig’s Team Accelerator helped bosses identify ways to step back and let their teams lead, creating more space for workers to identify & test their market hunches.



This cross-functional, worker-led approach helped the company build a vast library of potential market innovations.  The small-scale, safe-to-try model they learned through the Team Accelerator also helped reduce risk, empower workers, and allow ideas to emerge more broadly once they gained enough traction for scale.  As a result, the company regained market leadership in 2 disruptive products and increased the company's overall market share by 5%.

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