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When you're holding a growing weight of ambiguity and complexity, the chaos can impact your entire business.  Maybe you know the feeling...

  • Are you inspired by unmet customer needs yet unable to mobilize your organization fast enough to get ahead of competitors and deliver?

  • Are you facing mounting pressure from stockholders and customers to find that “next gear”— working harder and harder to deliver more product, more quality, more value? 

  • Are you constantly shifting leaders and teams in a series of reorganizations to find that perfect combination? 

It's just plain wrong to work this hard and own this much when you have such an amazingly talented team you can leverage.  You need more capacity so you can work ON your business rather than IN it.


The right choice for your team

At PlumGig, we've combined our business and organizational expertise to develop a simple, safe, and effective system for creating teams that know how to solve problems, test ideas, and deliver. 


This is team development in a whole new way!  


Our Team Accelerator is not a webinar, workshop, assessment, or coaching conversation. It is a simple laboratory where employees overcome real challenges in their work while developing critical leadership and team effectiveness skills. Perk: It’s 100% online.

Our laboratories help teams solve their most critical work challenges using safe-to-try experiments!


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If you believe there are better ways to grow your people & your business, but you're not sure how to start, PlumGig can help!


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What our clients say...


"PlumGig's experiential and transformational approach quickly enables teams to practice and adopt more effective communication skills and behaviors. The result is a more functional team culture characterized by greater trust, collaboration and productivity.” 

–Robert Brownstone
Mayor, City of Half Moon Bay


A solution for every team

PlumGig helps you tackle the business challenges that matter to you and your teams.

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How our team accelerators work

Our Team Accelerator laboratories allow every participant to practice the PlumGig problem solving methodology to overcome a complex challenge slowing down their work, right now.   Each challenge runs for two weeks and includes a participant facilitated, real-life experiment.

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After every mission, coaches & org leaders discuss what's enabling and blocking team success and  consider how to respond in supportive and safe-to-try ways. Coach-led | 90 minutes


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