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It All Comes Down to Experiences

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We're all striving to make progress. But what is progress today? A bigger house? A newer car? A growing 401K? As the world grows increasingly more complex, its ironically the simplest things that become important. We see it in our pictures, on our phones, and in what we tweet. For more and more people, progress is no longer marked by a growth in consumer benefits, but instead by an expansion of experience.

Experiences are the new brick and mortar. Experiences create the stories that matter. Experiences lay the foundation of our identities and our growth.

And we're hungry for more of them. This hunger doesn't go away when people walk or dial into their offices. Not only do we, as employees, want and need to learn & grow at work through experience, but we want to do it together. And yet our corporate learning structure is built around individuals instead of teams; and steeped in theoretical conversation instead of practical application.

In times of extreme complexity and change, people need safe ways to try new things and amplify their voices. They crave connection, inclusion, and clarity. They want the chance to be heard; to lead; to solve their own problems in unique and creative ways. And that's why I created PlumGig's Team Accelerator. This is not a webinar, workshop, assessment or coaching conversation. It's a laboratory, filled with real business problems. It's an invitation for teams to step in and share their knowledge and skills in new and expanded ways. It's a willingness from bosses to abandon their need to direct and decide and instead push problem-solving and decision-making deeper into teams. It's a recipe for success delivered as a safe space to practice a more inclusive, and team-oriented way to work.

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