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People Don't Think About Teams

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are all suffering the same problem. We are wasting enormous amounts of money on corporate development and I mean enormous amounts of money… You are losing money right now even reading this blog post because your development is so bad. And I want to talk about why.

People don't think about teams. Instead, we place the burden on single individuals - mainly front line managers - to grow themselves and those around them all while delivering the month, the quarter and the year. Talk about tough.

While creating development programs for multiple fortune 100 brands, I've noticed that the focus is always on new hires, emerging leaders, managers, women in tech, and new college hires. Not one time has a leader approached me and said, "let's build something amazing for the entire team!"

Then, the people we decide to develop must leave their work at their desk while those that weren't invited feel left out, forgotten and overlooked. Excited participants go back to their teams and leaders with new ideas only to have them squashed or ignored. Little support is given to help participants integrate their insights into their day-to-day for long-term impact.

What if we're going about this all wrong?! What if the secret is actually giving teams a place to discuss and improve their real organizational challenges, together. What happens if we shift our focus to the teams most critical to business success? And do you even know who those teams really are?

. . .

Did you know that I recently launched a new team accelerator designed to help your teams tackle complexity and red-tape so they can deliver better products faster? If you're interested in revolutionizing the way your teams work with collaborative, hands-on missions that deliver results every week, drop us a line at We want to hear from you!

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