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Meet the founders


I am a rebel who strives to abolish the ineffective and unfun ways we work!


I am a luminary who loves being a life-long learner; and it translates to the work I do with executives, teams, and organizations. 

Enter the Plumgig laboratory and here’s what you’ll get:


Business process consultants with a knack for building trust— an element not all leadership development/team accelerator experts “get.” If your team is missing trust, workers are probably just going through the motions. Which means— you’re investing a ton of time and money in efforts that won’t have an impact and won’t lead to sustainable change. Ugh. 


True partners. Plumgig is not a giant firm. You won’t get bounced amongst multiple team members trying to fit you into a generic “recipe for success.” We customize our accelerator to fit your needs. You’ll never be alone. The leader gets a coach. Teams get a coach. The org gets a coach. Everybody gets a coach. (*in our best Oprah voice*) 


A whole-ocracy, (n): a connected group of people who Get. S***. Done.


We are rebels fighting against “leaders bark, workers do” management mindsets. We’re committed to helping individuals and teams transform— from "knowing" to "doing" to "being." We’ll obsess over every experiment and celebrate every breakthrough. That’s how important barrier-busting is for the growth of your business! Our experience: extensive. (We occupied corner offices for, well, let’s just say a few decades.) Our dedication to your success: *about as fervent and unshakable as a dog on a bone.* You’ll feel it as we guide your on-the-job missions. More important, your teams will feel it, too. 


Results. Our accelerator helps you and your organization get more work done. Faster. Better. 

Let us help you reveal and build your team of superheroes!


Renee Erridge

Founder & Coach

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Mindy Morrow
Co-Founder & Coach

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