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Free! | 2 hours | Timing up to you


Zoom & Miro


An interactive and immersive problem-solving experience for teams. Two coach-led hours where you & your team explore your challenge, discover alternatives, and build experiments. Simply click the RSVP and choose a time to quickly chat about your needs & timing. We'll do all the rest!


Time & Location

Free! | 2 hours | Timing up to you

Zoom & Miro

About the event

Enjoy A Mission Team Meeting On Us!

Great News! We've discovered that when we get in action with work futurists, great things happen.  That's why we're offering Mission Team Meetings on us!  Bring your team and 1 important business challenge you need to solve together. Solutions emerge as part of a 2-hour, coach-led session where you & your team will explore your challenge, discover new ways to overcome it, and test those new ways using safe-to-try experiments they'll run back on-the-job.

Simply click the RSVP link below and choose a time for us to quickly chat about your needs & timing.  We'll do all the rest!

What's A Mission Team Meeting? 

Our 2-hour Mission Team meetings are part of PlumGig's larger Team Accelerator and are designed to kick-start the thoughtful but hard work of overcoming real team challenges using safe-to-try experiments. #awesome. Participants exit these sessions ready to run a real experiment back on-the-job. If an experiment succeeds, share your outcome with others in the hope to go viral. If not, learn from errors, adjust, and try again. 

About PlumGig

The philosophies and organizational structures that served us so well in the early 1900’s aren’t cutting it any more. This isn’t a people problem; we have great people. This is a system problem — one that spawns mountains of red tape and stifles the superpowers of the brilliant people who make organizations work.  Plumgig’s Team Accelerator is not a webinar, workshop, assessment, or coaching conversation. It is a laboratory where teams overcome real challenges in their work while developing critical leadership and team effectiveness skills using the Team Accelerator problem solving method.

  1. Understand the Challenge.  Build a deeper understanding of your challenge and generate multiple possible causes behind that challenge.
  2. Discover Alternatives. Ideate and prioritize a mass of solutions for the most important causes to your challenge.
  3. Form Hypotheses. Turn your top ideas(s) into a hypothesis and create an experimentation plan.
  4. Run Experiments. Test your hypotheses with a live experiment and document your outcomes and insights.
  5. Scale the Outcomes. Share the outcomes of your experiments - grounded in real data and experience.  

It's just plain wrong to work this hard and own this much when you have an amazingly talented team you can leverage.  Complex problems need problem-solving teams. Build yours today with PlumGig!

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